Branding Strategy

FaroDevelopment is a brand strategy agency based in Cluj Napoca. We know that if companies want to grow and stay ahead, they will never stop building their brands. Even when times are tough. Especially when times are tough. The brand building activities never stops. Entrepreneurs and marketing experts of today face a number of challenges. Globalization. New competitors. continuous technology upgrades. And an increasing number of communication channels. And that's where FaroDevelopment makes the difference.

Branding Identity

In absence of identity, a company, product or service hardly exists. No character means invisible mark. Good brand identity use visual and verbal cues distinctive, to create a great idea, making it part of their daily lives. But it is difficult for organizations to find ourselfs this idea. And this is where FaroDevelopment goes into action.The brand identity, in other words, color, graphics, photography and illustration all play a crucial role. FaroDevelopment creates memorable brand identity, not only new names and logos. We use the power of the visual and verbal brand identity to help companies stand out from the crowd.

Branding Naming

The brand naming can make or break a company, product or service. If you do not have the right name, the company might not be noticed. In business, as in show business, there are good names and bad ones. FaroDevelopment will help you find the perfect name. We know that the good names are remembered. They act as a stepping stone to build the brand and increase the chances of success of their owners. Whatever services or products that your company offers FaroDevelopment has the know-how to help.

Digital Design

Behind every great brand, there is a great digital experience. We know that it takes style and substance to get the most from digital media. And we are an agency of digital design that perfectly matches these two terms. Style in offering dazzling and engaging online experiences. Basically, as we rely on the best technology. We successfully integrating design with the technical know-how. And our commitment to find creative solutions to technical challenges makes our distinctive and effective work.

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