Project description

It was a real challenge to restore this e-learning platform. It is one of our heart projects, an e-learning platform for the training of company employees. We have completely revolutionized it and we managed to create an even more efficient and user-first.The new version has maintained the full old functionality and it was integrated with others internal platforms to offer customers a simple interface to query the status of the training of their employees.

In addition, we created an interface through which each student completes his profile and the online and offline training courses. The biggest challenge has been keeping a very simple interface and to allow a person who has no experience with the Internet, making the courses and get certificates.



  • The choice of a highly extensible technology;;
  • Creating a modern interface and at the same time simple to use;
  • Creation of various tools to be able to explain better user functionality;
  • Better integration with SCORM standards.


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