Search Engine Optimization

Optimization is considered the first and most important step to success for any business that operates online. Users / customers have changed their behavior regarding search information and decision to purchase. It is the period in which everything happens in the online environment: here is search and access the most important information, it creates opinions and decisions in purchasing.

In order to be found by customers and to highlight products or services, the optimization strategy is first to be considered for any business thrive.

Currently, over 40 of our clients business are constantly expanding thanks to the benefits of SEO.

To understand better what means this service offered by our company we present you a small explanation.

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization", that is optimizing your site for search engines based on keywords chosen by the nature of your business. The goal of the optimization service is to manipulate the position of the results obtained based on keyword search criteria. But of course the main aim is to bring relevant traffic on your website / page optimized.

In the optimization process can be found several actions that must be done divided into two categories: SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.

Seo on page

SEO On Page includes all the processes that take place within the site to make it user friendly and friendly to the search engine. It contains actions to optimize the existing text on the site according to some rules. Such as completing and optimizing meta-name based on already chosen keyword under analysis, optimization of site links, optimizing the pictures or video of the sites.

Seo off page

SEO Off Page is the process by which your website is made popular in the online environment. There are created several texts for each keyword of the website and are posted on blogs, forums, directories, social bookmarking, articles, this to get as many quality links that will help to raise the keywords.

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